NSC/BYC Finish Times Form

This form may be used to submit a finish time for an up-river race, in lieu of e-mailing such information, as explained here. Upon submission of this form, an e-mail will be sent to both scoring at nsc.ca & scorer at byc.ca, and if a valid e-mail address is provided, the submitter will also receive a copy of the submitted information.

Per the Sailing Instructions, for up-river races, when the Race Committee is not on station at the finish line, boats shall take their own finish time (actual time on the clock, hr:min:sec) when they cross the line. The accuracy of the time piece used shall be verified against a GPS, cellular network or other source of accurate time within 2 hours of finishing and corrections, if any, shall be applied to the recorded time.

Finish times must be submitted no later than midnight on the day following the race in question. Skippers seeking points for DNF shall also use this format to notify the scorer.

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Boats are also requested, though not required, to submit the following information:

Boat Immediately Ahead
Boat Immediately Behind
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