Rookie Racers

At certain Fleet events, you are invited to fly our Rookie Racer flag, if you consider yourself relatively inexperienced at racing. It is like an L plate on a car. It alerts other racers that you are less experienced and you might do an occasional weird maneuver.

Who is a rookie racer? That’s up to you to decide. For example, you might be in your first year of racing, or learning a new boat, or only race a couple of times a year. You are not required to fly this flag – it is entirely up to you.

Why do we have this flag? Other racers might choose to give you a wide berth or communicate more gently with you. New racers can find each other – perhaps to make a new friend or to find someone to compete with.

Our Rookie Racer flag is code flag D which is horizontal stripes yellow-blue-yellow. Supply your own or buy one from the NSC office for $20. If you no longer need your flag, the race bosuns or the office will accept your return donation.

See the Sailing Instructions for details of how and when to use this flag. To be clear: This flag doesn’t give you any rights or responsibilities. All the rules still apply.

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