Scorers’ Page

This page collects information useful to all scorers at NSC, including those who score for Weeknight series, Weekend series racing, and Regattas.

Scoring is an essential part of NSC’s Racing Program. At NSC, member volunteers compile and post all race results.  If you are interested in getting involved in scoring, please send an email to Scoring at nsc dot ca. You can find out who does scoring for which fleet at the Results page. Please thank your scorers for their volunteer efforts!

Reference Information for Scorers:

  • Sailwave, the scoring program used by NSC since 2007. For 2022, NSC and BYC scorers should download Sailwave Version 2.29.0 (Last updated 2021-03-22).
  • Scoring Instructions: A Scorer’s guide to scoring races at NSC using Sailwave.
  • Access the Scorers’ Folder in Box to view scoring roughs and other relevant documents, e.g. above Scoring Instructions, Blank Scoring Sheet, Sample Scoring Sheet, etc.
  • Access the Test Results folder which we use for scoring training.
  • Posting Race Results: A “How to” guide to uploading Sailwave Race Results files (*.htm), and linking to those pages.
  • Racing Upload Utility direct link.
  • See NSC’s Race Bosun Guide, section “Working with Volunteers” for instructions on how NSC’s scorers interact with our Race Bosuns.

For the Chief Scorer:

Page updated: 2022-07-03.

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