2013 NSC Sailing Instructions

Download the 2013 Sailing Instructions in pdf format.

Notices to Competitors:

(Changes to the SIs which modify the published content below):

  • Change #1 – Effective 05 June2013. Due to the late opening of the BYC harbour the Spring Series for PHRF, One-Design, JAM and BYC Dinghies was cancelled. The Series schedules have been modified. The detail can be found in the on-line Sailing Calendar.
  • Change #2 – Effective for the Fall Series, (August 14,2013) Part D Section 8.2 is modified to read, “Handicap races will be scored using the North American Portsmouth Wind Dependent Handicaps(2008 Table of North American Portsmouth Numbers and Wind Dependent Handicaps). The catamaran fleet will be scored using the North American Portsmouth Wind Dependent Handicaps (most current, multi-hull classes)published by US Sailing. The average wind speed for each race is required. In the event that no wind speed is provided, it will be assumed that the wind speed is Force 0.”

Main changes made to the SIs for 2013:

  • New drop system for evening series keelboat racing. One drop after 5 or 6 races, two drops if 7 or more races.
  • Updates to NSC RC Duty obligations. See Part A,21.09 to 21.12.
  • Protest submissions now due the following day. See Part A,20.3.
  • New eligibility rules for Monday skiff racing. See Part B2.
  • Skiff courses redefined. See Part B2, 2.4
  • Revised rules re incorrect sail numbers. See Part A 4.3 and13.1,13.2
  • Self-timed finishes for upriver races are now based on clock time, not elapsed time. See Part G 6.5

Sailing Instructions:

  • Complete Sailing Instructions in 8.5″ x 11″ format (pdf).
  • Complete Sailing Instructions in 5.5″x 8.5″ format — print this document on a duplex printer(double-sided), then fold in half, to get a 5.5″ x 8.5″ booklet. For single-sided printer read this.
  • Do your own thing with the source – MS Word.zip.

The SI contents include:

  • Calendar
  • Notice of Race
  • Monday – Women’s Racing
  • Monday – Skiff Racing
  • Tuesday – PHRF
  • Wednesday – Dinghies, Catamarans, Sailboards
  • Thursday – One Design and JAM
  • Sunday – Frostbite Series
  • Weekend – Weekend events
  • AnnexA – BYC/NSC Weekend and Special Events
  • AnnexB1 – NSC Trophies and Awards
  • AnnexB2 – Interclub PHRF Scoring

Sailing Calendar – Link to Weekday and Weekend Schedule (html).

Printable version of Sailing Calendar in 8.5″ x 11″ format (pdf).

Revision History:

  • 10 April, 2013 — Initial full SI release.
  • 07 June, 2013 —  Sailing Series calendars modified as per Notice to Competitors #1. The complete SI document has NOT been updated. 
  • 01 Aug, 2013 — Issued NoC #2. No edits to published SI document.

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