Trophies & Awards

All NSC racing and associated awards have been captured in a spreadsheet. There are identifying photos of each award and as much information about each as could be found. If anyone has more detail regarding any of the trophies please let the undersigned know.

The spreadsheet also captures the recipients of the various awards and is used to capture awards night results on an on-going basis.

View the spreadsheet in box, or for download as an Excel file (~7 MB).

Spreadsheet created and maintained by Phil Wilcox.

Page and spreadsheet updated 2020-08-06.

Update log
06 Jan: HM: Updated wording (to reflect that the spreadsheet is being maintained. Created direct link to Excel file. Added this update log.
13 Jan: HM: Noted “spreadsheet may have been updated more recently”.
22 Jan: HM: Updated with latest spreadsheet.
06 Aug: HM: Changed “And” to “&” in title.

*** Note: If a new version” is uploaded to Box, then it is not necessary to update the links. However, since I typically forget that and start to edit this page, I decided I might as well change the “Updated” date. ***

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