Womens Upriver Race 2020

Updated 2020-09-08 at 0830.

The Womens Upriver Race is scheduled for Sunday, September 13, with the warning signal at 1400. See details below.


Races will be governed by The Racing Rules of Sailing 2017-2020, and Part A of the Interclub Sailing Instructions, as modified below.


Any boat from NSC, BYC or CVGR that is registered for the Interclub racing program is eligible. Boats may sail with flying sails (aka PHRF) or without (aka JAM), and may be coached, or not. All boats will be scored together.

Text below was not included before 2020 event, but should be included next time:

Intent to Participate

Boats are not required to register in advance, but are advised to send an email to Kit Holmwood expressing their intent to participate. In unforeseen circumstances, an email might be sent to all those who have expressed their intent to participate. Such messages could be sent any time up to 1300 on 2020-09-19, and could include amendments to these instructions.


The start line will be between D Mark and the mast of the RC boat. The start will be per RRS 26.


If the RC expects the winds to be at least 6 knots for the duration of the race, the upriver turning mark will be set abeam Queen’s Park. In that case, the RC will display code flag “E”. Otherwise, the upriver turning mark will be set just to the northeast of K5.

Boats shall proceed from the start at D Mark to the upriver turning mark, leaving it to port; then to C Mark, to starboard; then to D Mark to port; and then finish at P Mark, leaving it to port, as shown on the chart below.

Womens Upriver Race 2020, v2020-09-07
Clicking on the image above may open a larger rendition of the image on Flickr’s website, depending on your device settings. Alternatively, check out the Navionics Charts , that show our race marks.


The finish line will extend from yellow race mark P, 30 m to the south, i.e. boats shall pass very close to P Mark, leaving it to port. Boats shall record their finish time at the moment they are aligned with P Mark and the Camp Fortune Tower, as illustrated in the photo below.

Finish at P Mark in line with Camp Fortune Tower

Reporting of Times & Crew

Skippers should record their finish time by taking a photo of P Mark, as described here. Finish times shall be reported per normal procedures for reporting of times for long distance races. In addition, skippers shall report the names of all crew members.

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