The Jacques Adam River Challenge

What is the Jacques Adam River Challenge?

The Jacques Adam River Challenge (formerly known as the Ottawa River Challenge) is a new type of long distance race.

Gone are the days of waiting around for wind. You decide when you race the Jacques Adam River Challenge, depending on wind and your availability.

The overall goal is to beat the previously set record.

You can start the race whenever you feel like it, day or night, from May 1st until Oct 31th.

Voile sur Rushlight, course des 50 milles.

The course

  • Port Of Call course: a 20.6 nautical miles race, from NSC to Port of Call and back.

Compete in three categories

  • Open

Jacques Adam River Challenge History

The Jacques Adam River Challenge was launched in 2011 by amateur sailors who enjoyed long distance racing and were interested in promoting the activity by offering this type of race. No longer obligated to wait for wind, you can optimize your results by racing when the wind is favourable and when you’re feeling at your best. Everyone can participate.

One of the instigators of the Ottawa River Challenge was a passionate sailor, Jacques Adam. He has passed away in 2017, and the Challenge was renamed after him – The Jacques Adam River Challenge.


Our objectives in introducing the Jacques Adam River Challenge

  • Initiate a culture and appreciation of long distance racing on the Ottawa River;
  • Develop seamanship abilities required to sail farther, faster, in the dark and over a longer period of time while respecting all the safety rules; and
  • Promote the characteristic beauty and diversity of the Ottawa River.

Ottawa River Challenge – Défit de la rivière des Outaouais – Nepean Sailing Club – Sailing competition, racing – Course de voile

The teams may choose the moment they will attempt a record in their category in one or the other course while considering winds, weather and sailing conditions while adhering to all the safety rules and regulations.

The participants must always emphasize safety and security in order to fully enjoy the pleasure of long distance sailing that will surely add a new level of excitement and a rewarding experience on the Ottawa River.

The important thing is to participate and have fun sailing!



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