CORK Update: A Stormy Tuesday in Kingston

CORK is one of the largest regattas of the summer in Ontario, and it’s usually windy, sometimes chaotic, and always exciting! It’s a challenge for sailors of all abilities, where athletes really get to test themselves on the water. The NSC Race team headed out to Kingston last week to train, and competition began this week. This Tuesday at CORK, the predicted the winds were high, the rain was pelting, and the waves were white caps. Even so, CORK races were declared on for the 420’s and Radial, with other classes of Lasers on standby.

The coaches handled the morning superbly. Each athlete rigged their boat and prepared to sail as the weather continued to build, and they encouraged each sailor to make their own decision for sailing. In the end, Mitchell and Julian Lowery decided to head out for the 420 course, and Sam Lowery (after completing a 2km run back to the dorms for forgotten gear) headed for the Radial course, as several other NSC sailors headed out with the coaches to support their teammates on the water.

As it always is at CORK, the harbour was a frenzy of activity: lasers were tacking within inches of each other to stay under control as they left the harbour, lasers and 420’s capsized to the left and to the right, an absolute army of coach boats at the ready, and the wind and rain relentless. On land, the crowd of parents, volunteers, teammates, and bystanders was very supportive, offering shouts of, “Woooah!” after another crazy close call, then screams of encouragement as their team members sailed by, and an encouraging “ Atta Go Girl” as a laser safely skimmed close to the break wall. I saw sailors doing what sailors do: working hard, righting their boats, and getting on their

Team parent Marian describes the scene on land: “I see the Royal Nova Scotia team and then the Victoria team have decided not to go out. I hear they don’t want to risk their boats. Good then: our country’s finest have made their decision. I pass the coast guard boat with 10 yellow, rain proofed bodies, intent on their briefing. Good then: coast guard on hand. Game on. I am sure the team will have stories to tell of Cork 

We’re wishing the best of luck to NSC sailors at CORK, and to all of the competitors in Kingston this week. We’d also like to thank the coaches and parent volunteers for all of the support they’ve been providing to the athletes, and for keeping us updated as we cheer on our sailors from home!

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