Dinghy Cooperative (rentals)

About our program

If you are an NSC member without a boat, or you want to try something different, then rent an NSC sailing dinghy or stand-up paddle board (SUP). Any NSC membership level – full, crew/social, student, out-of-town – including NSC Advantage Boating sailors who have an NSC membership. You rig the boat, go sailing, de-rig when done.

The Cooperative idea of this program allows us to keep the costs low while still investing into the program. We need you to get involved and own this program. I have staff and a few volunteers who keep the fleet going but there are still many gaps. If you are interested please reach out to the STC (Sail Training Centre) office. school@nsc.ca

Boats types available

Albacore, Bombardier 4.8, HobieWave, CL 16, Laser and Stand-Up Paddle board (SUP).

Currently unavailable: Hobie Bravo, Sunfish

2023 pricing

$45 + HST for the familiarization session that we refer to as the Qualifier.
$45 + HST for each sailing dinghy 3/hr period.
$35 + HST for Stand Up Paddle Boards for a 3/hour rental period.


Book your Qualifier session and rent boats HERE.


Minimum age 16.

The skipper must have recent experience with small boat (dinghy/cat) sailing, minimum CANSail 2 or equivalent. Please see Sail Canada description of CANSail skills. Keelboat experience is not sufficient. Skippers must complete a Qualifier before renting a dinghy.

If you have any questions about the “equivalent experience” needed please reach out to the Sailing Activities Manager.

Qualifiers are not required to rent an SUP. If only interested in renting an SUP, contact the Sailing Activities Manager to make your first booking.

Need training? Check out our Sail Training programs.


The person renting is the skipper. Skipper must be able to self-rescue themselves and their crew. Skipper must be on the boat. This is an unescorted activity – NSC is not providing safety boats. It is the Skipper’s sole responsibility to make the final decision whether to sail or not with due regard for their ability and the weather conditions.

It is not advised to sail under the following conditions:
• Approaching thunderstorm
• Visible lightening or lightning forecast
• Strong gusty conditions

Every person must wear a personal flotation device at all times on the water. Racing is not permitted. Boats may not be moved off-site, other than for outings on Lac Deschênes.

Documentation needed

Renters 18+ must sign an adult waiver and loan agreement. Renters aged 16 or 17 require parent/guardian signature on a minor waiver and loan agreement. A Pleasure Craft Operator Card (PCOC) is not required, nor are any sailing certificates.

If you take a crew

Crew may be an NSC member or non-member. Each non-member crew can sail no more than 3 times per season. There is no age requirement for crew. Crew do not need to complete a qualifier. Adult crew must sign the adult crew waiver before first sail. Crew under 18 requires their signature and parent/guardian signature on a minor crew waiver.

Boat damage

If the boat is damaged or it looks like something is about to break, report it to the Sailing Activities Manager within 2 hours of returning to shore, so that the club can fix it.

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This program is brought to you by Sail Training.

Contact the Sailing Activities Manager for further information.

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