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More Sailing Opportunities at NSC

The Nepean Sailing School has plenty of opportunities for you to get involved in extra sailing!

Monday Night O’ Pen BIC Racing

Monday Night O’ Pen BIC Racing occurs every Monday evening, beginning at 6 pm and finishing at 9 pm, during July and August.  This event aims to teach sailors to learn how to race in a fun and non- competitive environment against fellow sailing friends.  There is no charge to join the fun, just have your parents fill out the participation form and waiver.  BIC racing is open to all ages!

Nepean Fun Regatta

The Nepean Fun Regatta lets kids get their feet wet with a fun, rules-relaxed event.
Come try racing in this fun, unorthodox and loosely competitive event. Results are not nearly as important as everyone having a good time sailing!
Our regatta is great for “new to racing” youth sailors who can learn about racing without pressure, and at the same time it is the perfect regatta for experienced youth sailors who regularly compete at youth sailing events in any class of boat, to learn about the excitement of sailing! To inquire for more information regarding the regatta please contact the sailing school.

Extra Sailing Lessons with Luke

If you feel you want extra sailing lessons to improve your sailing skills we offer private lessons, where you will be one- on- one with your instructor.  Private lessons run for a minimum of 3 hours.  For more information please contact the sailing school.

Racing at NSC

NSC has plenty of great racing opportunities! Click here to learn more.

How to Become an Instructor

For a guide regarding how to become a sailing instructor

Follow the links below to the Sail Canada website and the Ontario Sailing website where you will learn about the requirements you need to become a sailing instructor!

If you have further questions regarding how to become a sailing instructor do not hesitate to ask your sailing instructor or contact the sailing school.

Legacy Fund

Nepean Sailing Club offers the opportunity for financial support to our community of sailors. The purpose of the Legacy Fund is to be a resource whereby sailors can apply for and access financial support for exceptional sailing/ boating activities. Youth, ABLE, and adult sailors are all eligible for support from the fund for activities. To learn more about this fund, click here.

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