Sail Training Volunteer Positions

If you have any interest in these positions please contact us here

Boat Repair Specialist

Est. Time Commitment: 2-4 hrs per week as needed during the season April – October.

Experience Required:

The Boat Repair Specialist will assist with the maintenance and repair of the youth sail training boats. Ideally volunteers who have some experience with fibreglass, sail repair, rigging and electrical repairs. Start date to be determined and as required.

Ideally have some experience with fibreglass or sail repair at home (will need a commercial sewing machine), or rigging or electrical repairs onsite


Boat Maintenance Check

Est. Time Commitment: 4 hours

These volunteers (three) will assist with the completion of the Maintenance Check List for eac youth sailboat. Ideally volunteers who have some experience with repairing boats. Date to be determined.

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