A Plan for Sesiya’s Usage

In her proposal to the Board of Directors, Michele Cimon, Sail Training Director, outlined various opportunities for how Sesiya might be used at NSC, in the Sail Training and Able Sail programs. NSC’s current Able Sail program, utilizing the Martin 16s, cannot accommodate many with physical or development disabilities. Some of the opportunities for use of Sesiya include:

Able Sail Program

Children with Autism – Day Programs

In 2019, NSC engaged in exploratory conversations with representatives of Autism Canada. Although there was interest in pursuing sailing activities for children affected by Autism, for most the Martin 16 was not an appropriate platform, as most children would need a caregiver or accompanying adult – which is not an option in the Martins. With Sesiya, and our ability to offer an alternative platform more conducive to the needs of these constituents, NSC can re-ignite the conversation with Autism Canada to develop appropriate engagement options.

Adults with Developmental Disabilities – Day Programs

In 2019, NSC offered sailing as a “day program” through a local Group Home, but could only take some of their residents in the Martin 16s. The “day program” for individuals with developmental disabilities is very under served in Ottawa. With Sesiya, NSC could expand our outreach to such group homes and other organizations in our region.

Seniors Residences – Day Programs

In 2019, NSC was approached by a local Seniors Residence about making sailing available as an activity for their residents, since many of their residents are past members of NSC. With the acquisition of Sesiya, NSC is now in a position to reconsider the feasibility of developing appropriate engagement options with such Seniors Residences.

Sail Training Program

Adventure Sail (Youth)

The acquisition of a larger keelboat could offer the opportunity for NSC to expand its youth Adventure Sail program, to include outings to Aylmer Island or Pinhey’s Point, for days trips or potentially even overnight excursions.

Keelboat Training (Youth)

Currently NSC does not offer any youth keelboat training, but Sesiya offers an opportunity to offer training on a boat that requires a crew of 5-6 to work together as a team.

Experiential Sailing

NSC gets a lot of requests from people interested in experiencing what sailing is all about, without signing up for a full course. Sesiya might be the perfect platform to accommodate such requests.

NSC is not at this time committed to implementing all, or any, of the above programs, but this gives a flavour of the opportunities being considered for Sesiya’s future use. This plan will undoubtedly evolve over time, and for the next year or so, will likely be very dependent on the progress of COVID-19.

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