Water Level At Britannia – Past 2 Days

The water level plot uses the Environment Canada Water Office’s Hydrometric Hourly Data File for station 02KF005 (Britannia), updated every 2 hrs (Apr-Oct) or 4 hrs (Nov-Mar). Be advised that there are occasional data gaps, characterized by constant levels over several time intervals.

Depth values of “99999 m” means that water level data is not available.

Page updated: 2021-10-24.

Programming Notes:
The charts are loaded via the NSC Twentytwelve WordPress Theme’s
functions.php script ‘add_water_level_script()’ and the javascript _jscript/water-nsc.js.

Update log
14 Oct: DS: added note about depth 99999.
09 Mar: DS: changed 48-hours to 2-days, remove unnecessary datum text as it is now in the plot, changed graph to plot in the text.
05 Mar: DS: minor changes to the javascript to render display similar to that in the weather page.
27 Apr: DS: new version derived from ‘NSC Wind & Water Levels – Real Time Data’ showing only water levels.
21 Oct: HM: Added “Past 48 Hours” to title.

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