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Attempt 2011-09-12, 12h00
Date 2011-09-12, 12h00
Category phrf-nfs
Course Morh Island
Skipper Trevor Whitehouse
Boat Nattiq
Start time
Sep 13, 2011 10:34:00
End time
Sep 13, 2011 18:41:00
Elapsed time
Corrected time
Note Crew: Steve Rollwage I am sending this e-mail report until I am able to access the site. T-22 #395 NATTIQ LO-PHRF 240 NFS Tuesday, September 13, 2011 Depart S Buoy at 10:34, Off K16 at 15:20, Return S Buoy at 18:41 GPS track attached. My camera doesn't give you the option of imprinting dates and times but I have off-loaded pictures on the Picasa website at https://picasaweb.google.com/tanzer395/ORChallenge# where if you ask for full details of the picture it will show the dates and times as recorded by the camera software. Note that my camera clock and our timing watch are about two minutes off. We set out with the 125 jib and a reefed main as winds were forecast to be high teens with gusts in excess of 28-34 knots (Windfinder) but primarily SSW going westerly by late afternoon - our most favourable conditions. We didn't experience gusts that heavy and winds were very light after rounding the bend at Baskin's Beach so we shook out the reef. Winds did switch very westerly and strengthened in the early afternoon causing them to be dead foul for the try into the Mohr Island channel (and to top it off we blew the jib clew shackle at the same moment causing some some additional difficulty in getting the jib under control as the GPS track shows). Ran all the way back with winds shifting sometimes SSW'ly as we were passing Baskin's and Port O'Call and on those times winds were very light. Passing Little Aylmer winds started very strong and a number of times the boat hit over 7.5 knots. Situation was a little too busy with strong gusting winds, the Tuesday race Fleet being out, and the proximity of the Britannia mud flats to take a picture as we crossed between Britannia and the S mark but the RC boat probably saw us and wondered what we were doing over there. Although we had a couple of brief downbursts of rain we didn't get any of the lightening, hail or heavy downpours that Ottawa got. Trevor Whitehouse

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