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Attempt 2011-08-28, 16h00
Date 2011-08-28, 16h00
Category open
Course Morh Island
Skipper Chris Jalkotzy
Boat Iluka/Blue Bird
Start time
Aug 28, 2011 06:19:00
End time
Aug 28, 2011 11:20:00
Elapsed time
Corrected time
Note Piney Point elapsed time 1:03 Mohr Island mark K16 elapsed 2:39 Piney point on way back elapsed time 4:01 Trip elapsed time 5:00:44 Will be adding gps track as soon as I can figure out how :-) Track is loaded By the track you can see there were no tacks, became close hauled a couple of times both directions and generally saw between 10 and tops 22 knots of apparrent wind. Going past 12 mile island saw as little as 8 knots of apparent wind, boat speed doown to 5ish knots. Soon as I got out of the narrows the wind was back up to 15 to 20, coming back through at 12 mile also saw lighter air but not as light as on the way up. Coming past Pitney, thought I might be able to break 5 hours, but no, the wind went light at Aylmer Island, and then piped up, saw Rushlight heading up at Blueberry and finshed just around the time Misigri and Peters J32 started. Top speed on GPS was 9.4 knots (logged), top speed on instruments was 9.6 knots (observed).

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