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Attempt 2011-08-28, 15h16
Date 2011-08-28, 15h16
Category phrf-fs
Course Morh Island
Skipper Rejean Tremblay
Boat Rushlight
Start time
Aug 28, 2011 10:50:00
End time
Aug 28, 2011 17:32:00
Elapsed time
Corrected time
Note Crew: Fred Ashby That was an interesting race. Started with a reef and #2. We changed for #3 passed Aylmer Island. When we near Baskin beach the wind was too strong: we saw 33 knows of real wind on the instrument. We tried to take the main sail down but we couldn't: too much pressure. The halyard is stuck at the entry point of the mast. We keep both sails and we are now close hauled to avoid running aground at Baskin beach. Our speed goes down: we are no under 5 knots. Too bad. We keep going until we are high enought to open up a littler bit. That's good. But now the wind is under 20. We get slowly to Mohr island. In the mean time, Mistigri passed us. Too bad! We don't want to put a bigger sail until we fix the problem with the mast. We turn K16. The wind is back above 20. That's good. We are back on track. The return was done with a good strong wind on one tack. Overall is was a good day. We never pushed the boat that hard for that long. ...and we are still 6 minutes behind Mistigri. Too bad. We'll try again later this summer...

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