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Attempt 2015-07-26, 15h00
Date 2015-07-26, 15h00
Category phrf-fs
Course Morh Island
Skipper Colin Mombourquette
Boat Diana
Start time
July 25, 2015 10:00:00
End time
July 25, 2015, 19:22:39
Elapsed time
Corrected time
Note Skipper: Colin Mombourquette crew: Steven Mombourquette Comments: It was a great race upriver with the winds behind us and strong enough to push our 11,000 pound boat along at a reasonably good clip. After roughly 3-1/2 hours we made it to the turn around point at Mohr Island and envied the BYC boats that were rafting up and starting the festivities as we tacked into a headwind and started the long slog back down river. As we tack through 110 degrees, we crept along at snail speed but were fortunate to get an opportunity to see more of the river and shoreline than any other boat in the race. Before too long the skies darkened to the west and everything further out than one mile quickly disappeared behind a wall of rain. Fortunately, as we approached Port Of Call Marina the winds finally shifted from the east towards the south and we were able to make a straight run back to the finish line. On the downside, the winds became much lighter and the old barge slowed substantially. All-in-all, a great race and the longest single trip we made to date in the new-to-us Alberg 29. Can't wait to make another attempt.

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