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Attempt 2020-09-03, 20h50
Date 2020-09-03, 20h50
Category phrf-fs
Course Port Of Call
Skipper Rémy Knoerr
Boat Chivas and Champagne
Start time
09/03/2020 14:05:00
End time
09/03/2020 18:25:52
Elapsed time
Corrected time
Note Skipper: Remy Knoerr crew:Olivier and Sarah Knoerr (son and daughter) Comments: Superb day on water. We had a great run upriver using our asymetric spinnaker past Aylmer island, had a bit of a slow part close to the turning point. Turned around at 16:15 and came back into the wind with two tacks. Apologies to the Thursday night racers as we went through a bunch of them close to Britannia before crossing the finish line. My kids loved the challenge as much as I did! I have a 4.7MB GPX file from Navionics and cannot figure out how to shrink it to less than 2MB!

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