C&C 27 Raft-ups

cc27 panorama

The C&C 27 is one of the most popular one-design classes on the Ottawa River; not only do we enjoy some great racing, but it’s also a very social fleet! When there’s no wind for racing, boats will frequently raft-up together while waiting for the wind to fill in. And several times a year, the fleet plans raft-ups following the Thursday evening one-design racing.

The fleet congregates at the windward shore, one or more boats throw out an anchor, while the others raft together. Everyone brings food and refreshments, often to share with the crews from other boats. People hop from one boat to another, socializing, checking out the other boats, and generally having a great time. There are always some that go swimming, and the party usually doesn’t break up until well after sunset.

Everyone is welcome — racers, cruisers or anyone with an interest or connection to C&C 27s. For non-racers, the racing usually finishes around 7:30 p.m. If you plan to anchor before then and would like the fleet to find you, contact Hugh by e-mail or phone (info below). Otherwise, hang out near the finish and join the fleet when they head to the windward shore. For reference, see this chart of preferred raft-up locations.

See these photos of some previous raft-ups:

cc27 panorama

For more information on C&C 27 raft-ups, e-mail Hugh Morrin, Blue Zulu, C&C 27 MK III, #894. Or call him at 613-302-0318.

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