Calendars for all NSC Events

Welcome to the integrated NSC Google calendar. Events are colour-coded; click on the down-arrow to the right of Agenda to see the colour scheme. Usage Notes are at the bottom of this page.

See also the NSC Annual Events page for more details on the events NSC hosts every year. The complete Race Calendar will be on pages 2-4 of the Sailing Instructions, once they are published, though almost all race events (except some of those hosted by other clubs) also appear in this calendar.

Read how to integrate the NSC calendars into your own calendar.

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Usage Notes
  • Events with a solid background are all day events, or events for which a start/end time have not yet been specified; events with coloured text and starting with a time are part day events;
  • Events are colour coded – click on the arrow to the right of Agenda to view the colour codes, and to select which types of events to view by selecting/ deselecting the tick marks;
  • Click on an event to see details like when, where and a description (when available). Some descriptions have a link: click it to open;
  • Click on Week to have a more detailed view of the current or selected week;
  • Click on the Agenda to view all the calendar entries.
  • Click on a weather icon (available for the current + 3 days) to get a more detailed weather forecast.
  • Click on Print to choose the print format (font size, colour, orientation) and send the calendar to your printer.
  • Experiment! You will discover new features not covered by this note.

This calendar shows NSC events from April 2009 onward. Club policy is to not accept rental reservations for the Harbourview Hall and Sailing Room, for weekends and evenings, between April and Thanksgiving, until such time as the club sailing and social calendar is published for the upcoming year. That usually happens in January.

Calendar updated as required.

Page updated: 2020-01-17.

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04 May: Last update before creating this log.
27 Dec: HM:
Deleted link to Racing Calendars. These are part of the SIs, and there is little point in publishing them separately.
Noted that “Events with a solid background are all day events, ‘or events for which a start/end time have not yet been specified’…”
Changed “color” to “colour”.
Other editorial updates.
29 Dec: HM: Added link to (2016) planning calendar.
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25 Jan: HM: Added statement at very end “Club policy is to not accept rental reservations …
03 Aug: HM: Added link to Race Calendar in the SIs; changed text reference to Annual events page.
13 Jan: HM: Updated reference on integrating calendars.
26 Jan: HM: Colours changed. Title of calendar set back to “Nepean Sailing Club”.
27 Jan: HM: Set width of iFrame to 950. Changed commenting format and blank lines above calendar.
15 Jan: HM: Deleted link to 2017 Planning Calendar (

  • 2017 Planning Calendar
  • ).
    Moved most notes below the calendar.
    17 Jan: HM: Added link to Harbour Committee Calendar.
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