Fleet Matters

This page is for the posting of NSC Fleet Committee information. The Fleet Committee supports the Fleet Captain who has overall responsibility for all sailing activities sponsored by the Club, including the organizing of all racing series and events in the club’s Sailing Program.


Fleet Captain

To find your Fleet Representative or Committee member, click on the link below to get the latest list of volunteer representatives and Committee members, and then use the Bluebook or email the Fleet Captain.

Fleet Committee

Committee files:

The following files are available in the Box.net folders. Just click on the link below to go to the correct folder:

Fleet Committee Organizational Files
Fleet Agendas, minutes
Awards Night materials
Race Bosun Guide and Materials
Team Racing Presentation by Paul Brikis

Note: Files related to regatta organization are posted on the Regatta Organization page.

Meeting Schedule

See the NSC Room Booking Calendar page for upcoming fleet meetings. Fleet meetings are normally held once per month in the off-season. All members are welcome to attend.

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