PHRF Handicap Comparison

This application helps you figure out how close behind, or far ahead, of your competition you need to be to beat them on corrected time. Read the Usage Notes.


Usage Notes

The comparison table is best viewed in landscape mode on hand-held devices.

Skippers will generally want to select their own boat as the reference boat. The Delta/Hour column in the comparison table is the time that a boat must finish ahead of (-), or behind (+), the reference boat in order to tie the reference boat on corrected time, if the reference boat's elapsed time is 1 hour.

Some other comparisons of handicaps, like those provided by CVGR, assume that all boats take one hour to complete the race, and then present what would be the difference in the corrected times as the "difference per hour". That is another way of comparing handicaps, however, we feel that method is of less value to racers. If two boats cross the finish line at the same time, it's pretty clear that the one with the higher handicap wins on corrected time. What a PHRF sailor wants to know is if he/she crosses the finish line with a certain elapsed time, does he/she beat the boat that finished X minutes ahead, or Y minutes behind? This Handicap Comparison table will help the sailor determine that.

For more, see Understanding PHRF Results.

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Concept by Hugh Morrin. Implementation by Daniel Servranckx.
Inspired by CVGR's PHRF Comparison.

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