C&C 27 Trophy (C&C Yachts)

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Original Deed, Background and History of the Trophy:

This C&C 27 Trophy (C&C Yachts) was originally donated by C&C Yachts, for annual competition on Lake Ontario. It was awarded to the top C&C 27 in Interclub competition. In 2017, the trophy was offered to NSC, and since 2018, has been awarded to the winner of the C&C 27 One-Design Summer Series.

It was first awarded in 1977.

Awarded For:

1977-2009: For annual competition on Lake Ontario.

2018-Present: Winner of C&C 27, Summer Series.

Awarded To:

2018 - Makai 27 - Peter Goodeve
2019 - Makai 27 - Peter Goodeve
2020 - No series

Last updated: 2020-12-12.
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