NSC’s Trophy Gallery – Credits

The NSC Trophy Gallery & Award/Event Winners database was created by Daniel Servranckx and Hugh Morrin over the summer and fall of 2020. Daniel designed the database and web applications, while Hugh oversaw the data organization and validation. In all, several hundred hours went into this project.

Inspiration for this project came from Kingston Yacht Club’s Virtual Trophy Room.

Much of the data (past winners) was collected and organized by Phil Wilcox beginning in 2008, and maintained in an Excel spreadsheet until this project was undertaken.

Adam Hunt and Kathryn Barr took the many photographs of the trophies displayed herein.

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Page updated: 2020-11-01.

Update log
08 Aug: HM: Page created.
21 Aug: DS: Added ‘and web application’… as this is by far the most effort intensive component… especially the hidden (to most) Admin application :)
17 Sep: HM: Minor editorial updates, including to title.
04 Oct: DS: Removed “in collaboration with” as the effort is equality distributed!
01 Nov: HM: Slight re-wording.
11 Nov: DS: simplified the first paragraph.

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