Lone Ranger Cup

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Original Deed, Background and History of the Trophy:

The Lone Ranger Cup was donated by Derek & Yvonne Parlour for "1st Place 'A' Fleet"; it was named after their Ranger 26. Derek & Yvonne were both active racers, RC volunteers, and both served as Fleet Captain; Yvonne 1988-1989, and Derek 1991-1992. Derek was a recipient of the Commodore's Cup, and Yvonne was the long-time Editor of NSC's Telltale newsletter. Derek died in 2012 and Yvonne died in 2018.

The Lone Ranger Cup was first awarded 1988.

Awarded For:

1988-c1999: The details of what this trophy was awarded for are sketchy.

c2000-2013: It is believed this trophy was awarded for the 2-day Mohr Island Weekend Race, that consisted of a race up on Saturday, and a race back on Sunday. It's believed this trophy was awarded to the first JAM boat.

Awarded To:

1999 - Amigo V
2000 - O'Boy
2003 - O'Boy
2004 - Sweet Chariot
2013 - Kemosabe - Bowland/Marois

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