The Mike O’Sullivan Cup

On July 4th, 2013, at the first C&C 27 Raft-up of the year, The Mike O’Sullivan Cup was unveiled, recognizing the significant contributions Mike has made to sailing on the Ottawa River. Mike is the long-time owner and skipper of Thumper, former BYC Fleet Captain, C&C 27 Rep, Protest Coordinator, and the force behind the birth of the C&C 27 one-design fleet. The unveiling of the cup, at this on-water gathering of boats from both clubs, came as a total shock to Mike. In a message to the fleet written in the wee hours of the morning following the raft-up, Mike wrote: “I still have not come back down to earth for the wonderful and unexpected honour you have bestowed on me and the Thumper crew with the inauguration of the Mike O’Sullivan Cup. I was stunned beyond belief! Thank you from the bottom of my heart. I really enjoy the excellent racing we have and the enthusiasm and camaraderie brought to the 27 fleet by all of you.”

The dedication on the front of the cup reads:

“In 2013, the Mike O’Sullivan Cup was donated by the Ottawa C&C 27 Fleet, to honour Mike O’Sullivan and his crew on Thumper. For most of the previous 30+ years, Thumper dominated the C&C 27 racing on the Ottawa River, while at the same time demonstrating the highest degree of sportsmanship & integrity. As a tribute to that legacy, the Mike O’Sullivan Cup is awarded to the C&C 27 finishing first overall for the season, in the Interclub One-Design racing.”

 The Mike O'Sullivan Cup    Mike O'Sullivan and the Thumper Crew

A plaque on the bottom of the cup further explains:

“The Mike O’Sullivan Cup is awarded based on all of the Thursday night OD races, without consideration of each series, using the following drop schedule:

  • Less than 7 races: 0 drop
  • 7-11 races: 1 drop
  • 12-18 races: 2 drops
  • More than 18 races: 3 drops

“If Interclub C&C 27 One-Design racing ever ceases, then this Cup should be re-dedicated for another One-Design Interclub fleet.”

See the The Mike O’Sullivan Cup in the NSC Trophy Gallery.

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