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The weather data (wind, pressure, temperature, etc.) presented below, updated every 10 minutes, is collected from a weather station located at the top of a light standard in the NSC yard. The data is provided compliments of NSC member Greg Johnson and RBR Ltd. The chart displays were developed by Yaro Shkvorets.

The water level graph is derived from the Environment Canada Water Office’s Hydrometric Hourly Data File for station 02KF005 (Britannia), updated every 2 hours (Apr-Oct) or 4 hours (Nov-Mar).

Disclaimer: NSC does not warrant the quality, accuracy, or completeness of any of the links or data presented in this page. The information is provided on an “AS IS” basis without warranty or condition of any nature.

Note: You may need to clear your browsing data to load the latest graphics.

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Note: Be advised that there are occasional data gaps in the above graph, characterized by constant levels over several time intervals. The datum is 57.90m.

Warning: In the above graph, only the temperature data is reliable.

Page updated: 2019-06-11.

Programming Notes:
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The charts are loaded via a the NSC Twentytwelve WordPress Theme’s
functions.php script ‘add_charts_scripts()’

Update log
11 Jun: DS: minor edit to temperature data.
08 Jun: Ds: minor edits to text.
30 Apr: DS: added note about reloading to view latest graphics.
24 Apr: DS: moved the Water Level graphic after the current Wind.
22 Apr: DS: emphasize the datum note at bottom.
17 Jul: YS: Page created by Yaro, in collaboration with Dan.
17 Jul: HM: “Page updated …”, and this update log, added.
16 Aug: DS: Added disclaimer
08 Aug: DS: added the warning note after noticing a two day gap in the EC data.
25 Aug: HM: Added webmaster as contact, to disclaimer paragraph, if page has failed.

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