NSC’s Harbourmaster’s Race

NSC’s Harbourmaster’s Race is actually not one race, but a series of heats in which the top two from each heat advance to the semi-finals, and then the top two or three from the semi-finals advance to the finals. But this is no ordinary sailboat race! For starters, it takes place entirely within the NSC harbour. And the boats used are designed for youth weighing 100 pounds or less. But the Harbourmaster’s Race is restricted to those 18 years of age and over! Most NSC races aren’t spectator events, certainly not from the comfort of NSC’s deck, but the Harbourmaster’s is the exception, and in recent years, a club member has even provided a blow-by-blow, or tack-by-tack, commentary.

There is no need to register in advance; just come down to the club on the day of the event, and sign-up for one of the heats. Races only take ~10 minutes, and the swirling and fluky winds in the harbour are guaranteed to frustrate the competitors while providing entertainment for the spectators. Until ~2007, this event was held in the club’s Optimists, but since then the club’s O’Pen Bics have been used for the competition. Remember that these boats are designed for 10-12 year olds, so wear a swimming suit, and be prepared to bend your body in ways you may not have in recent years. Even if you don’t choose to compete, it’s an entertaining afternoon for spectators.

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