Launch Day

One of the benefits of club membership is having your boat launched with other boats on club launch day – a service for boat owners who also participate in the annual fall haulout. The club coordinates the launch by bringing in several commercial cranes to make the job go quickly.

This page provides a few tips for planning your part in the spring launch.

Before launch day to do list

  • Make sure that all spring boat work is completed – that means no bottom painting or keel work on launch day.
  • Put the outboard on the boat before the day of launch because no vehicles are allowed in the yard on launch day.
  • Check your engine to make sure it is in working condition and that you have fuel aboard. Antifreeze should be out of your motor before launch, collected and properly
    disposed of in accordance with the Harbour Environmental Policy.
  • Attach bow and stern lines to one side (the same side) of the vessel. The lines should be at least 8 metres (25 feet) long.
  • Your vessel should be marked to indicate where the lifting straps should be placed.
  • Attach fenders to make sure that your highly polished hull does not scrape against the dock.
  • Ensure your launch fee is paid – no pay, no lift (check the club notice board or the web).

Launch day to do list

  • Be there early – you and your crew should be on site by 0800 hours (and earlier if you are first to launch).
  • Enjoy coffee at the club, and use this opportunity to purchase some NSC Regalia.
  • When you are called, report to the staging area on the road behind the launch area. You will be escorted to the dock area by a security crew.
  • Once your boat is in the water, get on board, start that engine, and motor safely away to your berth. If your engine won’t start, there will be tugs to move you to
    your berth.
  • All folding cradles must be folded before you leave Saturday, but you must wait until the cranes leave and the yard is reopened. Take your cradle blocks and pads
  • One more item: make sure that your name is painted on your cradle because this will make finding it for Haulout that much easier.
  • With so much activity in the yard on launch day, safety is everyone’s responsibility. No vehicles are allowed in the yard after 0700 hours Saturday morning, and the
    gates remain closed until the cranes leave after launch. If you are not part of the launch crew, please stay outside the yellow tape.

After launch day

  • Early on the Sunday morning after launch, volunteer crews will begin moving cradles and placing them in summer storage. Please have your cradle folded prior to the
    crews starting.

Written by Debbie Reinhart & Randy Wiseman. Comments or changes to Hugh Morrin, webmaster at nsc dot ca.

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