MacGregor/Venture Rendezvous

The MacGregor/Venture Rendezvous is an annual event for owners of MacGregor and Venture sailboats that is typically held the third weekend of June. The objective of the event is an informal and non racing gathering for M/V owners to meet and share common interests and experiences. The event consists of a ‘Meet & Greet’ at the NSC Club on Friday evening followed on Saturday by a sail up river to Pinhey’s Point Historic Site. After an overnight raft-up, the group returns to NSC on Sunday.

An invitation is extended to all MacGregor/Venture owners in the Ottawa and surrounding area. In the past boats have trailered in from Toronto, Hamilton, Woodstock, Buffalo, Sudbury, and Muskoka. With the more than 40 local MacGregor/Venture boats the numbers for the Friday evening gathering have reached 50. There is no cost for this event other than your individual food and bar bill at NSC. The anchorage in the bay at Pinhey’s is good and is well protected from nearly all directions. The swimming is also good and the historic site can be visited.

This event is sponsored by the MacGregor/Venture Yacht Club (MVYC) which includes many NSC members, as well as others in the Ottawa area. The MVYC is really an association of MacGregor/Venture owners rather than a true yacht club. MVYC has been around for over 30 years with the majority of the members being in southern Ontario, though the club includes members from upper NY and north central Ontario. Members in the various regions organize sailing events and members trailer their boats to these events. Locations for these gathering include Lake Ontario, the Finger Lakes, Lake Simcoe, the North Channel, and Lake Champlain.

There are a number of similar clubs in the US. MacGregor has been building boats since the 60’s and has produced over 35,000. Many owners dry sail their boats from their back yard and use them not only as boats but travel trailers and cottages as well.

For more info or to join this event contact:

Ed Booth

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