Mohr Island Race

The traditional NSC Mohr Island Race is an up-down, one day race. Mohr Island is almost 20 Nm up-river from NSC, past Constance and Buckham’s Bay, and just before MacLaren’s Landing on the Ontario shore; the town of Quyon is a few miles further, on the Quebec side.

Forty plus miles of sailing on the Ottawa River can make for a long day, so in recent history NSC’s race was partly combined with BYC’s Margarita Weekend Mohr Race. The BYC event involves a one-way race to Mohr Island on the same Saturday, a social raft-up on Saturday evening, and a return race home on Sunday afternoon.

Up to 2017, the first leg of Saturday’s race to Mohr Island counted as part of the Interclub Long Distance (ILD) Series, but that has not been the case since 2018. All boats start together and those wishing to continue racing return down-river to finish the NSC Mohr Island Race. Those wishing to remain overnight and socialise at Mohr Island, can join the BYC race home on Sunday. As with all Interclub long distance events, NSC and BYC boats are welcome to partake in each club’s races, and BYC’s Margarita Weekend has a reputation for being a great party! For Saturday’s NSC Mohr Island Long Distance race, up for grabs is the MacDonald’s Anniversary Award for the first PHRF or JAM boat on corrected time.

See these links for more about Mohr Island: Wikimapia and the Ottawa River Sailing Page’s Cruising Guide to the Ottawa River.

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