O’Pen Bic Un-Regatta

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The O’Pen Bic Un-Regatta is designed for youths aged 8 to 14, as an introduction to regattas in a fun and different format. The Un-Regatta focuses on skill development and sportsmanship rather than competitive racing. The course is usually set up as a trapezoid and participants are required to do “stunts” between the weather and leeward marks. Stunts include doing 360 degree turns, capsizing and recovering, or other interesting maneuvers that demonstrate boat handling skills. A stunt event is usually held where youths compete to show off climbing masts or sailing upside down or other creative positions. Prizes are awarded based on judged sportsmanship and skills. Usually, every participant gets some for of a prize, but most importantly, they all have fun.

For more information on this year’s Un-Regatta, including the NOR and Registration information, see the O’Pen Bic Un-Regatta web site.

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