Single-Handed Race

This annual event is unique in that it attracts sailors who often do not race. The event demands good seamanship (since there is no-one else to help you) along with the skills normally required to race. The boats are handicapped as if they are not flying spinnakers but those who are daring enough may do so. This has led to some interesting broaches and takedowns over the years but that is part of the challenge of this race.

Two trophies are up for grabs; the first one is the Whippet Cup which was donated by long time NSC member Ray James who named the trophy after his Mirage 24 “Whippet”. This trophy is given to the boat that wins the race on corrected time. Note that there are no divisions for this race, thus we have seen 21 foot keelboats racing against 33 foot keelboats. The second trophy is the Ottobahn Trophy which was donated by NSC members Gertrude and Otto Schmalz who named the trophy after their Laser 28 “Ottobahn”. This trophy acknowledges the first three finishers on elapsed time.

So if you are looking for a challenge, come on out and put your seamanship and racing skills to the test against your fellow sailors. There is one start with the first gun in the early afternoon, and typically the race lasts an hour to an hour and a half. The course is normally a windward leeward one which is set using the fixed marks in the Olympic Circle.

Check the Sailing Instructions or any special notice for additional details.

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