Authenticate Me


To access the Bluebook and associated pages, you need to authenticate yourself with you FAMILY (Last) Name and Full Member NUMBER, both exactly as written on you Member’s Card issued last September.

Upon successful authentication, you will be returned to whatever page led you here.

The authentication will time out after 30 minutes of Bluebook inactivity.

Authentication Form

Family Name and Member Number must be typed in as written on you Member’s card, including the dashes (–).

If the log-in is successful, you will be redirected to the private page you selected.
Otherwise, you will be redirected to an error page with further instructions.

Notice to New Members

To get authenticated, your Member Name and Number must be included in the Bluebook, which is normally updated on the NSC server once a month. A new member will therefore have to wait a few weeks after joining to use this authentication service.

Page updated on 2020-06-08

2020-06-08: DS: new mod section. Added input-nonce short code to insert an input tag with a nonce value.

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