Authenticate Me


To access the On-line Members Database (a.k.a. the Bluebook) and associated pages, you need to authenticate yourself. Upon successful authentication, you will be returned to the page that led you here. The authentication will remain valid for up to 20 minutes of inactivity.

Authentication Form

Note: Your surname and membership number must be entered as they appear on your membership card; the membership number must include the dash (–).

Notice to New Members

Access to the Bluebook is updated periodically, typically on the second week of each month. If you have joined recently, you may not yet be able to authenticate yourself.

Page updated on 2022-08-16

2022-08-16: DS: updated the Instructions and Notice to New Members. 2022-02-27: DS: changed session life time note from 60 min to 20 min of inactivity (subject to PHP garbage collection inner schedule). 2021-08-29: DS: changed session life time from 24m to 60m as per changes to session.gc_maxlifetime in PHP INI. 2021-01-10: HM: changed wording to “Surname”; other editorial updates. 2020-12-13: DS: change the time out message to reflect the default PHP Session timeout. 2020-06-08: DS: new mod section. Added input-nonce short code to insert an input tag with a nonce value.

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