Flag Etiquette – Half Mast

The Canadian flag on the NSC mast may be lowered to half mast when an NSC member, including an immediate family member, or any other person of significance to the life or history of the NSC, dies. The flag will remain at half mast for three days or until the end of the day of the funeral, whichever comes first. Staff will execute this rule at the request of any member of the Board of Directors. If a disagreement arises regarding the interpretation of this section, the Commodore, or designate, will resolve the matter.

In Memoriam posts can also be added to the NSC website, as explained here.

Tom Winlow
Representing the Commodore’s Council
May 2012

Update log
25 Sep: HM: For clarification, added “whichever comes first” to the end of the second sentence, after consultations with Corey Glynn. It should be noted that some discretion and flexibility can be used here; as Corey put it, a “respectful period of time before moving on”.

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