Parking at NSC

NSC’s lease with the City of Ottawa includes the two parking lots to the southeast of the clubhouse (East 1 & 2), and the three parking lots to the west of the clubhouse (West 1, 2 & 3). The parking lots further to the west, near the boat ramp, are public parking lots; all lots are subject to enforcement by Ottawa Bylaw Officers. See this parking map.

At no time is parking ever permitted on the grass along the road from Carling Avenue to the yard gate, nor anywhere in parking lots other than within designated parking spaces. Bylaw officers routinely issue tickets for such infractions.

During periods of very high club usage, the club contracts with the city to use the grass to the east of the main gate for overflow parking. This is typically done for Thursday evenings, regattas, and during the rush leading up to Launch, but cars should not park there at other times.

Parking in City of Ottawa parks, including Andrew Haydon Park, is generally prohibited between 2300 and 0500, year round. However, this prohibition does not apply to NSC members or guests who are parked in the NSC parking lots.

NSC members and guests who are parking in the overflow parking, or overnight, should display on their dash an NSC Parking Permit, downloadable from the password protected NSC Members website.

Except when restricted by the Rear Commodore, as is normal during the rush leading up to Launch and Haulout, parking within the NSC yard is also permitted under specific circumstances.

If you receive a ticket but feel that you were properly parked, please contact the NSC Office for guidance.

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