Proof Of Insurance

Proof of insurance information is not required until mooring invoices are sent out in 2019.

The proof of insurance form will be reopened in February 2019.

We apologize for any inconvenience and confusion that may have arisen from the membership invoices recently sent out.

Thank you.

Michael Hoffman
NSC Harbour Master

Needed Information and Documents

You need to collect the following information to successfully fill out and send the Proof of Insurance form.

Primary Membership Information

The information of the member who registered the membership .

  • The Primary Member’s Last Name, and
  • The Primary Member’s Number as printed on the Primary Member’s Membership Card.

A boat is linked to the member number of the person who registered the membership (a.k.a. the Primary Member), as written on that person’s member’s card. Dependents and spouses cannot use their own member’s info to register a Proof Of insurance.

Insurance Details

For each boat registered with NSC (off-site boats do not require a proof):

  • The name of the Insurance Company, and
  • The Insurance Certificate Number.

The Form

When you click on the following button, you will be first redirected to a login page to access your Bluebook record.

Updated on 2018-10-03.

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