Joining NSC

The Nepean Sailing Club welcomes all new members interested in joining and contributing to the club. It’s a great time to belong!  Please take a look at the New Member FAQ for some frequently asked questions about NSC.

Becoming a NSC member is easy and involves a few simple steps which can be completed with a single office visit. Drop in during regular business hours, or make an appointment with our Membership Coordinator Julie at 613-829-6462 or Should you need any assistance, Julie will be happy to help.

 1. Complete a NSC Membership Application
General Membership Application
Crew/Social Membership Application
AB Student Membership Application

2. Review and Sign the Membership Agreement
Membership Agreement

3. Submit your Application along with Payment
Applications can be delivered in person, or via email in advance. Attn: Membership Coordinator
Membership and Initiation Fee payment is by Cheque, Cash, or Debit at the office.

2019 NSC Fee Schedule

4. Have Photo(s) Taken For Your Club Member Cards
Personalised Member Cards to access the club, security gates, and your membership benefits.

Once you become a member, we will provide you with a welcome package including your Member Cards, Membership #, and a new member’s guide so you can begin to enjoy the benefits of your NSC membership.

Joining Full Members (With Boats):

For members looking to add a boat to the club fleet (incl. purchase of a current NSC boat) and obtain a slip assignment, you will also need to submit a Mooring Request with the office. The Membership Coordinator will assist you and provide an estimate of the mooring fees to be paid. See New Boats for more information.

Contact the office or 613-852-6462 to inquire about slip availability this season.

For new full members, we also offer a mentor support program of experienced NSC boat owners to help welcome you aboard and better navigate the Club and understand its benefits.

Initial membership available to this year’s Advantage Boating Basic Cruising and CANSail1&2 course graduates.

Membership Advantages Membership Categories & Fees Book A Private Tour!

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