Crew Table

The NSC “Crew Table” was formally introduced in 2015 to provide a meeting place for skippers and crew on race nights. Building on an informal but poorly advertised practice that had existed for years, the Crew Table is intended to facilitate connecting those interested in racing, with those needing crew on any given night. All members are welcome, but we extend a special invitation to new, and potential, members to try this out. The most western picnic table under the tent, just to the west of the club, has a sign on it designating it as the Crew Table.

For those who might decide at the last minute that they want to race that evening, this gives them a good place to meet up with skippers who are short of crew.

Most skippers head out to their boats between 17:00 and 17:45 (maybe a little earlier after Sept 1st); if you’re looking to catch a ride, or in need of a crew, that’s the place to be. Weeknight racing encompasses the following:

  • Mondays: Women’s PHRF, both with and without spinnakers.
  • Tuesdays: PHRF with spinnakers.
  • Wednesdays: Dinghies and catamarans.*
  • Thursdays: JAM (no spinnakers) and One-Design (with spinnakers).

* Dinghy Crew Table

Following on the success of the keelboat Crew Table, in 2016, the dinghy sailors introduced a Crew Table in the tent next to the sailing school, at the north end of the yard, for Wednesday evening dinghy and catamaran racing.

It’s always better to make prior arrangements, such as by using NSC’s on-line Crew Bank. But for those other times when you need a boat, or crew, at the last minute, we invite you to try this option.

For more information about NSC’s racing program, please contact the Fleet Captain.

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