Weeknight Racing

Weeknight Racing forms the backbone of NSC’s popular Interclub racing program. With racing four nights of the week, there is something for everyone. It’s not uncommon to see 70-80 boats out racing, split between two courses. The racing is both fun and competitive, and is followed by good camaraderie, drinks and dinner at the club.

Weeknight Racing includes the following fleets, each on a separate short course racing around drop marks:

  • Mondays – Women’s PHRF: Keelboat handicap racing, both with or without spinnakers.
  • Tuesdays – Keelboat PHRF, Divisions 1 & 2: Keelboat handicap racing, with spinnakers.
  • Tuesdays – Keelboat PHRF, Div 3: Keelboat handicap racing, with spinnakers.
  • Wednesdays – Dinghies: One-design dinghy racing for selected classes; handicap racing for Catamarans other dinghies.
  • Thursdays – Keelboat JAM: Keelboat handicap racing, without spinnakers.
  • Thursdays – Keelboat One-Design: Keelboat one-design racing, with spinnakers, for selected classes.

Racing takes place in the evening starting around 6 PM. The races typically take about 1 to 1.5 hours and then it’s back to the Clubhouse to relive your experience. Each fleet has a Spring, Summer and Fall series, running from May through September; results are posted on the Race Results page. In October, racing continues with the Frostbite Series.

Boats must register in advance to participate in all NSC racing — see the Race Registration Page for more info. Also, keelboats intending to participate in handicap racing require a current PHRF certificate — see the PHRF Page for more info. For those new to racing at NSC, they may want to check out the Race Program Overview. Racers should also familiarize themselves with the current version of the Sailing Instructions and the Racing Rules of Sailing (see link from NSC’s Racing Page).

To put the success of NSC’s racing program in perspective, NSC has almost twice as many PHRF certificates as the next largest club within PHRF Lake Ontario, a district that includes all of the Toronto area clubs.

We look forward to having you join us!

Hugh Morrin

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