Sailing Instructions & Race Calendar

The 2020 Sailing Instructions & Race Calendar are now available as a pdf. See below for a list of the major changes. Page 2 of the SIs shows the Series calendar, and page 3 shows the Weekend and Special Event planned for the remainder of 2020. This information is also available on the NSC Google Calendar.

Pre-season text:
Expect the SIs to be published soon, but below is a summary of the significant changes for 2020. In the meantime, check out the 2020 NSC Google Calendar for scheduled events, or last year’s Sailing Instructions.

The NSC SIs have been coordinated, and are aligned, with the BYC SIs, both of which address our Interclub racing program.

During Season text:
The 2020 Sailing Instructions & Race Calendar are now available as a pdf. See below for a list of the major changes. Page 2 of the SIs shows the Series calendar, and pages 3 & 4 show the Weekend and Special Events calendar, but this information is also available on the NSC Google Calendar.

For reference, older copies of the SIs are available – see the 2019, 2018, 2017, 2016, 2015, 2014 and 2013 versions along with the significant changes, or the pdf versions for 1999-2012 are available in Box.

Notices to Competitors / Sailing Instruction Amendments:

  • Amendment #1, 2020-08-25: In parts C & E, 2.1, the fleet pennants on B Course, hosted by BYC, are 5, 6 and 7, respectively; not 1, 2 and 3, as originally published.
  • Amendment #2, 2020-09-29: Part F amended to provide for a Catamaran & Dinghy class. Details here.
  • Amendment #3, 2020-10-10: Change to Time Trial format for remaining Frostbite races, as explained here.

Main changes made to the SIs for 2020:

Note: some of the changes below were agreed upon prior to the COVID-19 pandemic and apply to our “normal” racing program, and may not be relevant for 2020. For example, some changes apply to Thursday night one-design racing, though there will be no one-design keelboat racing in 2020. Such changes are included nevertheless, and will likely carry forward to future years.

  • Tuesday evening races will consist of mixed Flying Sail (spinnaker) and Non-Flying Sail (white sail) racing, with boats split into classes of similar types of boats.
  • Thursday evening races will be JAM only, with boats sailing in the same classes as on Tuesday evenings.
  • Use of discretionary penalties allowed for specific rule infractions.
  • SI 13.1 requires that boats check in with the Race Committee prior to their preparatory signal, declaring “PHRF” or “JAM”, as appropriate.
  • SI 19.1 now applies only to the catamaran fleet (“Two-Turns Penalty” vs “One-Turn Penalty”).
  • SI 21.8 notes that racing will be postponed if there are an insufficient number of volunteers to run a race. This is not an issue for 2020, as the RC Volunteer program is suspended for 2020.
  • For one-design racing (not applicable in 2020), it was agreed that the Sharks and Tanzer 22s would start together on Thursday evenings, but would be scored separately. For the Fall Series, the combined Shark and Tanzer 22 start would be before the J24 & C&C 27 starts.
  • Not applicable in 2020, but the splits between JAM divisions would have dropped by 12, to reflect PHRF-LO changes to JAM handicaps that lowered the non-flying sail (“JAM”) handicaps of almost all boats. This means that most boats would have raced in the same JAM division as they did in 2019.
  • Most series and overall awards/trophies will not be presented in 2020, as most series did not happen in their regular format. Annexes B1 & B2.

In addition to reading the Sailing Instructions, every racer should obtain and read the 2017-2020 version of the World Sailing Racing Rules of Sailing, and the Sail Canada Prescriptions. These “Rule Books” are available for purchase at the club office.

If you have changes you would like to propose for next year, feel free to discuss these with, or e-mail them to, Hugh Morrin and/or Dominic Goodwill.

Page updated: 2020-11-17.

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