Procedures on Launch Day

If you haven’t done so already, please read our notice about Pre-Launch Activities.

Launch starts at 0800. Skippers and crew are expected to be on time to ensure that your boat is launched properly and motored carefully or towed to your slip.  As usual, Launch will be coordinated by volunteer radio crews in the Clubhouse using Channel 10 on Family Radio Service (FRS) radios.

It’s about Safety, not Speed

While we make every effort to Launch boats efficiently and in sequence, our primary concern for the day is the safety of our volunteers and owners.  Please be patient and heed any direction from people with hardhats.  Keep in mind that Launch is made possible by the efforts of almost 100 volunteers who are members, just like you.

On Launch Day

  1. Be at NSC early. If your boat is scheduled to be lifted early, you must be at NSC by 0800.
  2. Register with the radio crew in the clubhouse.
  3. When you are called, report to the area on the road just behind your launch area, let our security volunteers know you’re there.
  4. For safety’s sake – please remain behind the yellow tape and out of the launch area until you can be escorted to the dock area by a security crew.
  5. Once your boat is in the water, get on board, start that engine, and safely motor away to your berth. If your engine won’t start, there will be boats on hand to tow you to your slip.

 After your Boat is Launched

  1. Access to the Yard is restricted on Launch Day until the Commercial Cranes leave the Yard.  Provided that your boat is not moored on W Dock, you will have access to your Slip.
  2. Folding cradles must be folded on the Sunday following Launch so they are ready to be stored the following Monday morning.

Updated: 2015-04-26.

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