Fleet Committee

The Fleet Committee is composed of member volunteers and supports the Fleet Captain in organising and managing all member sailing activities sponsored by the Club, including all racing series and events, social (fun) sails, regattas, and other sailing events in the club’s Sailing Program.  Please remember to thank them for getting involved on your behalf!

If you’re interested in volunteering for the Fleet Commmittee, or just to help out on organising any of the many Fleet regattas and  events, please email the Fleet Captain.

For a printable or PDF copy of your Fleet Committee and Representatives (PDF)

For Event Chairs please see the event schedule in the Sailing Instructions

Fleet Representatives:

Women’s Keelboat: Kit Holmwood
Keelboat PHRF Div. 1: Mike Thompson
Keelboat PHRF Div. 2: Hugh Morrin
Keelboat PHRF Div. 3: John Perry
Lasers and 420s/Youth: Paul Place
505s: Paul Place
Albacores: Domenic Goodwill
Fireballs: Rune Lausten
Able Sail Racing: Dave Gardner
Catamarans: Mike Sink
Keelboat JAM A: Open?
Keelboat JAM B: Ken Gehrels
Keelboat JAM C: Open?
C & C 27s: Hugh Morrin
J/24s: Jean Levac
Kirby 25s: Gad Perry
Shark 24s: Open?
Tanzer 22s: Ross Ernst  

Fleet Roles:

Sailing Instructions: Hugh Morrin
Registration & Chief Handicappers: Colin Mombourquette, Josh Foster (Dinghies)
Chief Scorer: Jennifer Holliday
Scorers: Rick Nelson, Tim Grayson, John Verbaas, Glenna Gray,
Josh Foster, Trevor Whitehouse, Phil Wilcox
RC Volunteer Coordinator: Fran & Jim Kelly
Protest Coordinator: Gerald McGrath
Scoring Inquiries: Kim Macdonald
RCs R Us Liasons: Rick Nelson, Rick Anderton
RC Boat “Ben Franklin”: Ron Evans, John Thompson
Trophies and Awards: Phil Wilcox
Past Fleet Captain: John Blackwood
Fleet Captain: Ross Ernst

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