20 Mile Race, 2020

The regularly scheduled 20 Mile Race takes place Sunday, September 27. But there’s a twist – this year it will be 26 km! Like our other upriver events this year, this will be run as a time trial, with a start window from 1100 to 1110. The reason for the distance change is that this will avoid us having to send a markset boat upriver, twice, to lay and later fetch the turning mark. For those mathematically challenged, 26 km is about 14 Nm, which is very close to the distance from P Mark to Pinhey’s Point. This is the final race of the Interclub Long Distance (ILD) Series. Details below.


Races will be governed by The Racing Rules of Sailing 2017-2020, and Part A of the Interclub Sailing Instructions, as modified below.


Any boat from NSC, BYC or CVGR that is registered for the Interclub racing program is eligible. Boats may sail with flying sails (aka PHRF) or without (aka JAM).


Boats may start any time between 1100 and 1110 EDT. The start line will be between yellow race mark P (45.3644°, -75.8206°) to the North, and a point ~170 m to the SSE of P Mark, in line with the Camp Fortune Tower, at 45.3630°, -75.8203°. The photo shown below was taken from the port end of the start line. I.e. boats must pass on the south side of P mark, and will generally want to pass close to P Mark. Boats shall record their start time at the moment they are aligned with P Mark and the Camp Fortune Tower, as shown in the photo below.

P Mark Aligned with Camp Fortune Tower
Depending on your device settings, clicking on the image above may open a larger rendition of the photo on Flickr’s website.


Boats shall start at P Mark, leaving it to starboard as outlined above; round the yellow race mark approximately 350 m Southeast of Pinhey’s Point (at 45.4402°, -75.9472°) to port; and finish at P Mark, leaving it to port. Boats shall record their finish time at the moment they are aligned with P Mark and the Camp Fortune Tower.

Pinhey's Point Course on Chart
Clicking on the image above may open a larger rendition of the image on Flickr’s website, or visit this website to see the interactive on-line chart.

Reporting of Times & Crew

Skippers should record their start and finish times by taking photos of P Mark, as described here. Start and finish times shall be reported per normal procedures for reporting of times for long distance races. In addition, skippers shall report the names of all crew members.

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