Finish Times – Long Distance Races

Long Distance Races — Finish Procedures and Submission of Finish Times:

When taking their own time boats shall record the actual on the clock time (hr:min:sec), not elapsed time. The accuracy of the time piece used shall be verified against a GPS or another source of accurate time within 2 hours of finishing and corrections, if any, shall be applied to the recorded time.

Boats should e-mail their time to the Long Distance Scorers. (Clicking on that link will send an e-mail to & This must be done no later than 24 hours after finishing. Skippers seeking points for DNF shall also use this format to notify the scorer. Skippers or their representative shall include the following information:

  • Event Name: 
  • Skipper Name: 
  • Boat Name: 
  • Boat Type: 
  • Sail Number: 
  • Specify PHRF (i.e. rated with a spinnaker) or JAM: 
  • Start and Finish Times (note any assumptions about the time): 

Boats are also requested, though not required, to submit the following information:

  • Boat Immediately Ahead
    • Boat Name: 
    • Boat Type: 
    • Sail Number: 
    • Approximate time ahead: 
  • Boat Immediately Behind
    • Boat Name: 
    • Boat Type: 
    • Sail Number: 
    • Approximate time behind: 
  • Any other relevant information or comments: 

It is recommended that the above list be cut & pasted into your e-mail message.

Page updated: 2017-10-23.

Update log
02 Oct: HM: Added update log; added addresses of mailto link.
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