Considerations in Accepting Sesiya

It would not be prudent nor responsible for NSC to accept any offer of a donated boat without fully considering whether the boat was appropriate and suitable for use by NSC. NSC had been considering the option of club-owned keelboats, and how they might be used, but with COVID-19 causing upheaval during the spring and summer of 2020, those discussions were still on-going at the time that Sesiya was offered to NSC. Nevertheless, the gracious offer by the James family was considered an option worth pursuing.

After multiple meetings and telephone discussions, Michele Cimon, Sail Training Director, presented a proposal to acquire Sesiya, and a plan for her use. Legitimate concerns were raised about who would maintain Sesiya, how maintenance and operating costs would be covered, and how the boat would be used. Mr. James graciously made his donation “with no strings attached”, so that the club could use the boat as deemed appropriate.

The plan was discussed at a specially convened Board of Directors meeting on October 1, 2020, and was unanimously supported.

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