Interclub Awards Night

The Interclub Awards Night is a low-key event that recognizes the Interclub nature of most of our weeknight racing, and certain weekend events. Hosting of this event alternates between NSC and BYC. Usually held in mid-January, it is hosted by BYC in even years (e.g. 2014); in odd years, it is hosted by NSC. The event does not normally include dinner, though the bar is always is open. Trophies and keepers are awarded for each Interclub series, though of course the trophies typically remain at the club.

Reservations are not normally required. What better excuse could you ask for to get together with your friends and crew for a drink in the dead of winter?

A spreadsheet of most NSC trophies, including those awarded as part of the Interclub Series, is available for viewing in box, or for download as an Excel file (7.0 MB).

Check out the NSC home page in early January for the details on that year’s event.

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