Annual Events

Below are a list of regularly scheduled events hosted by NSC each year. These pages are intended to provide background information for newcomers about NSC’s annual events. Information about the current year’s events will generally be published on NSC’s website shortly before each event.

Anyone interested in writing a page about any event, or updating an existing page, is asked to e-mail NSC’s Webmaster. We just need the content; you don’t have to create the web page.

For a complete listing of all current events, see the NSC Google Calendar.



  • Family Fun Day
  • Valentine’s Dinner


  • St Paddy’s Day Pub Night (often celebrated on a Friday night)


  • Volunteer Celebration Night
  • Women in Wind Seminar
  • THRASH Party (Thank Heavens Racing And Sailing are Here)
  • Spring Information Meeting








  • NSC Awards Night
  • Annual General Meeting (sometimes in December)


  • Kids’ Christmas Party

* These events are part of the Interclub Long Distance Series.

See the NSC Google Calendar for current events.

To submit comments, corrections or suggestions, e-mail NSC’s Webmaster.

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