Be a part of the team!

Do you like promoting community and good communication? Want to help out at NSC and connect even more with others? Want to help enhance NSC’s presence in the wider Ottawa community? Public Relations is looking for additional volunteers to help create and steward content on the new NSC website. The new site has a lot of features that make it easy to use.

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How much experience do I need?

  • None needed if you like learning! The new version of WordPress is quite user friendly.
  • We will provide training to understand the website and best practices. And, as a web team, we support each other and learn together.
  • It helps if you have web experience and we have appropriate jobs for you if you do.
  • Although writing experience and enjoyment in writing are helpful, we also utilize AI to ensure accuracy and quality.

Find a piece of that fits you

We have webmasters, but with the new website just having launched, we’re developing a new web team.

  • Do you like being creative and beautifying things? The WordPress Kadence theme has a lots of possibilities. Playtime!
  • Do you enjoy the English language? Sometimes we all need another set of eyes on our spelling and grammar; or we can use input that helps maintain the professional but friendly feel of our website.
  • Maybe you enjoy writing or editing? We have a number of long pages that need editing down or breaking up into subpages.
  • How about curating photos? We want the best quality and the photos tagged with the right words so we can easily find them.
  • Do you prefer short tasks? It’s fun to receive a request from NSC leaders and organizers to post something and gratifying to see it out there in public getting a message across.
  • Are you a fixer? Sometimes we receive reports of broken links or missing photos or information.
  • SEO (Search Engine Optimization) enhancement. Maybe you have experience with this or would like to learn it so that our website content appears in more people’s searches.
  • Do you have web design background? Our webmasters need some technical help that requires more insight and experience.

How many hours would it involve?

  • That’s pretty much up to you. You would want to be available for at least an hour a week.

Where can I get more background on what the website is about?

Who can I talk to for more information?

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