The Nepean Sailing Club Legacy Fund

In 2004, the Nepean Sailing Club established the 25 Legacy Reserve to commemorate the 25th Anniversary of the Club to assist worthy groups and individuals who wish to pursue training and competitive opportunities in sailing.

With the passage of time, the fund has now become known simply as the “NSC Legacy Fund”. The purpose of the fund is a resource whereby sailors can apply for and access financial support for exceptional sailing/boating activities. Youth, ABLE, and adult sailors are all eligible for support from the fund for activities which might include:

  • participation at regional, national and international competitions,
  • participation at training events,
  • sail training at NSC to new sailors who may otherwise not be able to afford to participate, and
  • other exceptional sailing/boating activities, both competitive and non-competitive.

Assistance will primarily be provided to those sailors who are members or prospective members of the Nepean Sailing Club. However, under exceptional circumstances, the NSC Legacy Fund may be used to assist sailors from outside of the club. The NSC Legacy Fund is funded by donations and various fundraising activities. Since 2013, membership invoices have included a line for members to make voluntary contributions to the NSC Legacy Fund.

The NSC Legacy Fund Committee has the mandate of reviewing applications, making awards to deserving individuals, and establishing projects to replenish the Fund. All award decisions of the Committee are final.


Page updated: 2014-06-14.

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